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Grout keeps tiles in place. It is made from a cement substance (mix in water and sand) and is usually where dirt and stain will develop. They start dirtying easily and look very ugly in a bathroom with irregular line running around tiles. So without further ado we’ll give you seven tips on keeping that grout clean.

Tip 1

Start off with a preliminary cleaning round. Take a stiff bristled brush, an old toothbrush, or you can also get dedicated grout brushes. Clean along the lines, this will start removing some of the easy-to-get-to grime and dirt. After the first round the grime is bound to be wet with the water you used, so do let it dry. Make sure you have everything you need on hand, other than the brush, you’ll need a spray bottle, a cloth and cleaning agents (procedure covered in Tip 2).  

Tip 2

The second step comes for heavier and stubborn dirt deposits and mild staining that you might get. Try using vinegar as your cleaning agent, you can also try using a mixture with ammonia, or a solution with baking soda (look up solutions on mixing and see what you can find). Use it as a spray or you might try simply wetting a cloth with the agent. Go ahead and apply several layers of the cleaning agent to soak the grout. Do avoid oversaturation but you want the cleaning agent covering every crevice, crack, and corner.

Tip 3

Now you should leave the tile grout soaked for 30 minutes or more. Let the soaked cleaning agent do the work and eek out all the muck from the floor or wall. Alternatively, you can use solutions that do the job faster; you will need to look this up though.

Tip 4

You may start cleaning as soon as the timer is up. Use your brush to clean and properly scrub the floor and wall. Make sure to be efficient and avoid scrubbing too much, being over-zealous is guaranteed to cause grout to peel off. This can make grout uglier and leave harder to get to grime deposits, and you’ll lose the chance to see that good as new look every time.

Tip 5

While cleaning you should have noticed that all the scrubbing has developed pools of dirty liquid, take the cloth to clean it up, this will give you a better-finished look in the end and a shine that you’ll be happy with.

Tip 6

Clean and rinse the entire area with water and you are done. You should see a huge difference from before and after. For even harder to remove stains, you will need to repeat the entire process a few times on a regular basis. This should do the job.

Tip 7

Whatever you’ve used (mixture or agent), make sure to give it a final run down to let everything ready for the natural dry up. And that’s it, we hope this helps out a lot, we sure were happy to put this little tip/step process for your convenience.  




Free Estimates Available - Call Us Today At (863) 686-8829.

Carpet Cleaning & Repair • Tile & Grout Services • Upholstery Services • Hardwood Cleaning