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Are you aware that despite your best effort made on your floor in your living room, bathroom, and kitchen your floor can look really bad and dirty? The reason is that the nasty thing called grout remains unaffected by your efforts.

It is not a very hard job to clean the grout and the outcome is a good as new, bacteria free clean floor which you can proudly show to visitors and leave them in awe.

Here are a few simple tricks that make grout cleaning much easier than what most people think it is.


Bleach is a strong chemical that is used for removing hard stains. Most bleaches come branded or unbranded both. They are cheap to buy and serve as an effective grout cleaner. All you need is a brush for which even a tooth brush would suffice provided that the area is small like your shower. For larger floors such as living rooms or kitchen tiles, instead use a scrub or a rag.

After you have applied bleach to the grout, leave it for 5-10 minutes to get really grounded in those grouts and after this period you can start to scrub off.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a very old technique that involves two very commonly available substances which we often don’t realize are around us. One is in the kitchen, the baking soda and the other, hydrogen peroxide is available in the first aid box. That’s right, antiseptic liquids contain hydrogen peroxide. A dilute mixture of both acts as a very effective cleaning agent to remove stains from grout.

Simple use a plastic cup to create a mixture of them both and after stirring for a decent period of time like 3 minutes, the cleaning agent is ready. Use a toothbrush or even a paint brush to apply the substance accurately in the grouts. Once done, scrub with a suitable tool like a scrub or rag or even a different toothbrush and the stains are gone for good.

A benefit that using this mixture has over bleach is that bleach is a corrosive substance and can damage your skin if too much contact is made. This one, is a much safer option and really handy for ladies.


This trick will also help you answer the question why doctors advise lowering the use of vinegar. It is a very strong solvent and which is why it is a very effective grout cleaner. Using vinegar is also easy and effective because the spout at the top of the vinegar bottle helps you pour it right in the thin lines of the grout. Once applied, just use any cleaning tool to rub and say goodbye to grouts.

Toilet Cleaners

Branded toilet cleaning liquids can be used as a substitute to bleach in order to remove grout. Not only is the application same but since these liquids are not corrosive like bleach, they are much safer to use.




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Carpet Cleaning & Repair • Tile & Grout Services • Upholstery Services • Hardwood Cleaning