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The most important part of the house is the floor, because it is what your baby crawls on, this is what visitors to your house look at around 70% of the times during their visit, this is the part of the house that sets the impression of the interior. But the parts of these floors that, despite a stressful effort of cleaning, remain dirty is the grout between the tiles. It is difficult to clean and so often left out.

Most germs that form on your floor are formed in the grouts. The floor is daily mopped and thus any bacteria formed is easily exterminated but not the one in the grouts. As they are left out, they become a suitable damp and untouched place where bacteria thrives.

These bacteria are seriously harmful especially for your little ones who crawl or play on the floor. This is a serious risk to their health. Without you noticing, kids drop several items on the floor and pick them up in their hands, sometimes putting it in their mouth which gives germs an easy access to your kids’ mouth.

Cleaning these grouts does not only mean a removal of stains for making the floor look nice and clean but also removing any risks to your family’s health. That makes it very important.

Another important reason for cleaning grouts is that the damp places often allow certain insects to blossom. Especially in the kitchen and the bathroom floors, grouts existing for long time create a suitable ground for insects like centipedes and worms to grow. The dirt in these grouts is a source of food for them and thus they are prone to make a cameo on your bathroom or kitchen floor, scaring you.

Also, as you clean these grouts, the dirt or fungi that cause the tile corners to become damp and crack are also removed, thus lowering your floor maintenance costs.

How can you clean your grouts?

Cleaning grout is not a problem. You just need a few simple substances that can be used to effectively and efficiently perform the task. These substances are available around us and come down really hard on the grouts making much short work of them. Antiseptic disinfectants, baking soda, strong lemon juice, bleach, and vinegar are common substances that can be easily found in your house.

An artistic way to make this job fun is to apply these substances to grout by using a paint brush. As grouts are lines that are thin, using a rag or scrubbing brush to apply the chemicals will do half the job as most areas in the grout shall be missed. Paint brushes are well gripped and pointed which makes them much better for the job. Once applied, a brush or rag is needed to clean the grout. These substances really soften the grout and take out all the dirt.

The result is a clean, germ free and good as new floor in your living room, bathroom or kitchen.




Free Estimates Available - Call Us Today At (863) 686-8829.

Carpet Cleaning & Repair • Tile & Grout Services • Upholstery Services • Hardwood Cleaning