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The main underlying cause of your grout cracking is simple. The tile is still moving about. There is a specific amount of time that needs to pass for the grout to fully cure. That magic figure is 28 days. Non Sanded grout installed cures effectively in 28 days. Any time before that and your grout begins to crack. It then becomes vital to have tile grout repair.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that you may need tile grout repair for cracking grout.

1. A moving subfloor underneath

For instances when there is a subfloor of a different material such as wood on top of which your tiles are installed, you may need to have new tiles installed. Those tiles were installed improperly and in a haphazard manner. Plywood floors can have tile installed over them but it needs a careful eye and hand.

Any mistake in the installation method or installed by an amateur, and the whole thing goes south. If it was installed by a professional then you won’t need tile grout repair or tile replacement in the first place.

2.     There’s not enough Thinset

Proper coverage is of the essence. The lack of thinset underneath your tile will not allow the tile to bond properly with the substrate. This means lesser support and of course cracking grout. The most common areas where this problem commonly occurs are generally underneath your tiles and towards the edges are the ones.

Trod on the tile that has not got enough thinset to support it and it will come loose. The tile will be pressed into the ground every time you step on it. This may be the cause of some nasty accidents. The grout is held in place while the tile moves causing it to crack and loosen up. This means you need tile grout repair at the earliest.

Trust professionals for the job and no one else.

3. Grout Installation was not done the right way

Fresh grout installed in the last 28 days may show signs of shrinkage – not cracking – which means that they were not installed the right way. There could be a couple of ways the shoddy installation was done. First, the grout lines are more pronounced (read: larger) than they need to be for non-sanded grout. Second, the right proportions of ingredients were not added to the grout mix.

If it’s the second case, simply mixing more grout and adding it to the existing lines can further cause problems. You need to have a professional with experience that will handle tile grout repair for you in the correct manner.

If the grout is not fresh you may need to get the underlying reason for the moving tile fixed before the tile grout repair work is done. In the meanwhile, you need to stop applying unnecessary pressure on the tiles while repairs and curing takes place. The reason for your moving tile can be from a number of issues from unnecessary pressure to not enough deflection of your flooring for the tile to settle snuggly in place.




Free Estimates Available - Call Us Today At (863) 686-8829.

Carpet Cleaning & Repair • Tile & Grout Services • Upholstery Services • Hardwood Cleaning