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It’s unsightly when your tile flooring cracks. More often than not, the underlying cause is with the material below the tile and not the tile itself. This is why it may be difficult at times to know the exact cause of cracking floor tiles, and when you need tile replacement.

Cracked tile can occur because of a number of reasons, and tile replacement becomes necessary. The problems may be from uncured substrate, a sharp impact to the tile, installation of poor quality tiles and even the sheer weight of the materials used in the total construction.

1.     Poor Tile Quality

When the tile installation is done and dusted, only your tile is visible. It’s like an iceberg: with the tile being just the tip. The supporting framework of substrate and mortar is what it holding the tile in place. People think the tile is the culprit when they see that the tile is cracked, which is simply not true in most cases.

Of course, when the tile itself is of poor quality and purchased from an unreliable vendor, then your tile may well be the culprit. That is why it is recommended that if your tile gets cracked, get tile replacement from a reliable online or retail outlet which guarantees genuine products. Same is the case for a new purchase. The tiles should conform to strength testing standards put in place such as ATSM and ANSI.

2.     They couldn’t bear the weight

Speaking of strength testing standards, many strong and durable tiles undergo tests where they are subject to a machine stress test. In this test they are put on a machine that puts a certain weight on it per square inch. If the tile survives without so much as a scratch under a pressure of 250 pounds, it is “stamped” compliant.

Good tiles surpass this minimum standard limit and some have been known to go up to 450 lb/in2.

If you claim that your fridge cracked your tiles, then you probably had some of those substandard tiles from “1.” installed. A good sized side by side fridge of 22ft3 capacity weighs around the 300-350 pound range. This translates to 75 pounds per square inch which is considerably lower than the testing limit.

3.     Sharp Impact caused it to crack

If the crack in tile(s) is concentrated in one area, it’s possible that something fell on the tile surface, causing it to crack. As if that isn’t indication enough, another sign is that there will be a piece of tile missing where the object first hit causing the tile to crack.

This type of incident is common in kitchens or basements where you can drop a pan or a pot while cooking or one of your power tools or other equipment can fall and crack the tile with sheer force. The ceramic tiles can crack because they are brittle and a sharp impact can cause crack in the tiles easily. You may have to get professionals for tile replacement in this case if you want to preserve the beauty of your kitchen.

If you are having problems with your tiles, hire a professional to get them repaired before you require costly repairs. For further information related to tile repair, get in touch!




Free Estimates Available - Call Us Today At (863) 686-8829.

Carpet Cleaning & Repair • Tile & Grout Services • Upholstery Services • Hardwood Cleaning